Become a math professor with a master or Phd in mathematics

Introduction to the field:

A math professor, also known as postsecondary teacher, usually teaches in community college or university.
The job comprises of making lesson plans, lecturing about 12 to 16 hours of class a week, and setting about 3 to 7 hours a day to meet with students to answer questions and concerns.

The environment is totally different than that of high school and middle school.

Most students who go to college know the importance of getting an education.

Therefore, classroom behavior, such as talking out, acting up, disturbing other students is unlikely.

As a result, postsecondary teachers find fulfillment and enjoyment in teaching.

Also, classes, office hours, research, and meeting are all part of their daily schedule and their schedule is not predetermined as in high school.

The challenge:

The main concern of every postsecondary teacher is obtaining tenure. Tenure is not given to every postsecondary teacher who enters the profession.

The granting of tenure is established after a postsecondary teacher has documented significant teaching histories, campus committee work, publications, and obtained excellent students reviews.

The whole process may take approximately 7 years. At the end of the trial period, if the teacher has not obtained tenure, the teacher may be asked to leave the institution.

Another thing to keep in mind is that college and university hire new tenure-track faculty as instructors or assistant professors. The title of assocate professor, or math professor is granted with time and experience.

Finally, postsecondary teachers must perform scholarly research in the discipline they teach. Publications are reviewed on a regular basis by department chair and academic deans.

This is important because this may help determine if a teacher should be granted tenure or promotion during their careers.

Getting the job:

To get a job as a postsecondary teacher, a doctoral degree is what many employers are looking for.

In community college, someone may get a teaching position with either a master in mathematics or mathematics education.

However, a master in mathematics is more desirable than one in mathematics education.

When the need is pressing and urgent, some community colleges hire folks with only a bachelor in mathematics provided that the teacher has lots of experience.

One day, I was surfing the Massasoit Community College website and I saw an opening in math teaching with only a bachelors in math

The position was temporary (One year). However, it shows something interesting!

When, there is a great need, you can get your foot at the door as a community college math teacher with just a bachelors

Keep in mind that even if they take you with a bachelors, you will be required to get your master's in math within a time frame

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