Multiplying integers game

Here is a wonderful multiplying integers game that will help you test and sharpen your basic mathematics skills.


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Guidelines to follow when playing the multiplying integers game

You have 60 seconds to answer as many questions as you can get correctly in 60 seconds.

You should use any means necessary to get the answer, such as mental math, paper and pencils, and a number line. However, I strongly recommend that you do not use a calculator!

Here is my guideline to verify how well you are doing.

Easy and 1-6 points in 60 seconds: Very well, keep up!

Easy and 7-12 points in 60 seconds: good!

Easy and more than 12 points in 60 seconds: Expert!
Moderate and 1-3 points in 60 seconds: Very well, keep up!

Moderate and 4-6 points in 60 seconds : Good!

Moderate and more than 6 points in 60 seconds: Expert!
Difficult and 1-2 points in 60 seconds: Very well, keep up!

Difficult and 3-4 points in 60 seconds : Good!

Difficult and more than 4 points in 60 seconds: Expert!

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