List of Names of Large Numbers

What are the names of large numbers? You are most likely familiar with million, billion or perhaps even trillion? Ever heard though of vigintillion, decillion, or quattuordecillion? Here is a table with names of very large numbers in math.

Names of very big numbers in mathematics
Name of the number Number
Million 106
Billion 109
Trillion 1012
quadrillion 1015
quintillion 1018
sextillion 1021
septillion 1024
octillion 1027
nonillion 1030
decillion 1033
undecillion 1036
duodecillion 1039
tredecillion 1042
quattuordecillion 1045
quindecillion 1048
sexdecillion 1051
septemdecillion 1054
octodecillion 1057
novemdecillion 1060
vigintillion 1063
unvigintillion (or vigintunillion) 1066
duovigintillion (or vigintiduoillion) 1069
trevigintillion (or vigintitrillion) 1072
quattuorvigintillion (or vigintiquadrillion) 1075
quinvigintillion (or vigintiquintrillion) 1078
sexvigintillion (or vigintisextillion) 1081
septvigintillion (or vigintiseptillion) 1084
octovigintillion (or vigintoctillion) 1087
nonvigintillion (or vigintinonillion) 1090
trigintillion 1093
untrigintillion 1096
duotrigintillion 1099
googol = ten-duotrigintillion 10100
skewer's number 10130
centillion 10303
googolplex 1010100
Skewes' Number 10101034

Important things to keep in mind about the names of large numbers

1. Perhaps you have heard before people say “zillion,” “gazillion,” “prillion,” and "Mega-Million" for large numbers. These terms are not actual names for very big numbers. You may have noticed that they are not included in the list above. People use these names vaguely to just refer to numbers that are very big and unknown.  

2. It will take you a long time to count very big numbers.

For example, 1 year has 31,536,000 seconds.

1 quadrillion = 1,000,000,000,000,000

1,000,000,000,000,000 / 31,536,000 = 31,709,791.9838 years

What does this mean? If it takes you 1 second to say each number, it will take you more 31 million years to count from 1 all the way to 1 quadrillion. This is interesting since 1 quadrillion is still very small compared to the numbers that are towards the bottom of the list above.

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