Online counting games

Counting the cubes is among the most interesting online counting games you will ever come across with. Not only this game will help you practice math, it will challenge your visual and spatial intelligence

Visual and spatial skills are important skills to have, among others, in order to be successful in geometry.

Therefore, as you practice this game, it will help you improve your visual and spacial skills and you are most likely to do better in math.


This game has 10 levels.

In beginning levels, it will be relatively easy to count the cubes since you will be able to see them all

However, as you are approaching level 4, 5, or 6, things will get harder

Cubes will be hidden behind other cubes, so you will have to use visual and spatial skills to count those that are hidden.

A useful tip!

Sometimes, you don't need to count all the cubes to know how many there are.

Let's say you have two rows of cubes and each row has 4, then just multiply 2 by 4 to get 8.

Do the above even if some cubes cannot be seen!

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If you would like to, please send us your feedback about this game here It will be very much appreciated. We also have other fun math games here. Don't forget to check them out.

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