Proportion word problems worksheet

Scroll down to print this proportion word problems worksheet. This worksheet has six carefully chosen proportion word problems.  

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1. If the cost of 12 oranges is 5 dollars, what is the cost of 18 oranges?

a. 7                                  b. 7.5

c. 8                                  d. 8.5
2. On a map, 1 centimeter represents 50 kilometers. If the actual distance between two cities is 300 kilometers, how far apart are they on the map?

a. 15 cm                             b. 3 cm

c. 10 cm                             d. 6 cm
3. A brand new car can get 50 miles per 2 gallons of gas. How many gallons of gas would you need in order to travel 80 miles to the next town?

a. 3.2 gallons       b. 3 gallons

c.3.5 gallons       d. 3.6 gallons
4. A teacher needs 6 boxes of pencils for 75 students. How many boxes are needed for 50 students?

a. 5 boxes       b. 6 boxes

c. 4 boxes       d. 8 boxes
5. If a muffin recipe needs 4 eggs to make 2 dozen muffins, how many eggs would be needed to make 5 dozens?

a. 20 eggs       b. 10 eggs

c. 15 eggs       d. 12 eggs
6. A doctor working at St. Joseph's Hospital earns 900 dollars for every 8 hours of work. How much will the doctor earn in 38 hours?

a. 3600 dollars       b. 3875 dollars

c. 5125 dollars      d. 4275 dollars

Study the example below if you are having trouble with the problems on the proportion word problems worksheet.

proportion word problem about distance on a map

On a map, 6 centimeters represent 200 miles. If the actual distance between two towns is 75 miles, how far apart are the towns on the map?

Here the the steps to follow to solve this proportion word problem.

Step 1:

Let x be the distance you are looking for.

Step 2:

Write down two ratios. You can do a ratio of actual distance to distance on the map.

First ratio: 200 / 6

Second ratio: 75 / x

Step 3:

Set the two ratios equal to each other.

200 / 6 = 75 / x

Step 4: 

Solve the proportion for x

200 times x = 6 times 75

200x = 450

x = 450/200

x = 2.25.

On the map, the towns are 2.25 centimeters apart.

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