Staries is a fun and interesting game that can help kids practice some basic math skills.

Playing this game is easy and straightforward.It is not about destroying all the stars until they disappear from the screen

The goal of this great game is to just match 3 or more stars of the same color and the matching stars will be destroyed

This game will not help the general audience practice a lot of math.

However, it may help students in preschool and first grade practice some good basic math facts and other skills that are important such as:

Differenciate between colors

Adding numbers totaling 6.

Destroying 6 stars will happen in the rare and challenging case when the player is able to line up six stars vertically or horizontally

Speed is also important here. It is important to destroy the stars fast. The failure to do so could cause the stars to lock themselves and you will not be able to move them anymore

Trouble playing or viewing this game? Download the latest flash player

For more challenging problems or lessons about addition, check whole numbers

Have fun playing this game

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If you can, please send me some feedbacks about this game here I will appreciate it very much. We also have other fun math games on this website. Don't forget to check them out.

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