Telling time worksheets

Some great telling time worksheets teachers can use to teach students in first grade or pre-school how to tell time. Students will able to tell time to the hour, to the half an hour, and to the 15 minutes.

Use the blank clock worksheets when you want the students to draw the small hand and the big hand when the time is told to them.

How teachers can help students tell time while using these telling time worksheets.

Teachers! You could follow the guidelines below in order to help students tell time quickly.

You could tell them...

There are two hands on a clock and one of them is shorter than the other.

The short hand is the hour hand and it will tell the hour.

The longer hand is the minute hand and it will tell the minute.

When the time is exactly on the hour or when the short hand points exactly to the number, the minute hand will exactly point to 12.

Tell the students also that there are two spaces to put the answer for each question.

Each space is separated by a column.

In the space on the left, put the hour and in the space on the right, put the minute.

For example, if you see 15 minutes past 8, write ____8____ : ___15____

If it is before noon, encourage students to put AM next to the answer.

If it is afternoon, encourage students to put PM next to the answer.

Which of the telling time worksheets to use first?

Give the worksheets to students in the following order.

1. Telling time to the hour worksheet

2. Telling time to the half an hour worksheet

3. Telling time to the 15 minutes worksheet

Once students can tell time really well using the three worksheets above, tell the time to students and ask them to write the time on the blank clock worksheet by drawing the hands.

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