Third grade math word problems

Here is a list of 30 important third grade math word problems that 3rd grade students must know how to solve. 


Anita is starting a collection of marbles. She buys a bag of 300 from the store. A few weeks later, she gets 83 more marbles as a gift from her friends and 162 more from her parents. How many marbles are in her collection now?



Sam is reading for homework. He reads a book with 281 pages on Monday, then he reads a book with 322 pages on Tuesday. How many pages should he report to his teacher on his homework?


At Austin's family bakery, they made 467 cookies, 185 cupcakes, and 200 cake pops for the carnival. How many treats are they bringing to the carnival?


Claire is making a sticker book. She buys 2 packs of 100 stickers, then she uses 62 for her book. How many stickers does she have left?


Hayden finds an old school notebook. He wants to use it for drawing, but sees that a lot of the pages are already used. The notebook has 365 pages. He finds 248 pages used for division problems and 33 pages used for English homework. How many pages does he have left for drawing?


Hannah has 9 bags of gummy bears. Each bag has 8 gummy bears in it. How many gummy bears does she have? 


Max is selling hot dogs at the soccer game for $2 dollars each. His friends John, Charlie, and Jenny all buy a hot dog. How much money does he make from them? 


Jimmy mows his neighbors' lawns. He charges $15 dollars per lawn. If he does 6 lawns on Tuesday and 4 lawns on Friday, how much money does he make? 


The trainer at the zoo is feeding the elephants. Each adult elephant eats 7 apples a day, and each baby elephant eats 3 apples a day. If there are 4 adults and 5 babies at the zoo, how many apples does the trainer need? 


Emma rides her bike 2 miles to school and 2 miles back home. How many miles does she ride in a week? 


The third grade is holding a pizza party. The school orders 12 pizzas, each cut into 8 slices. How many slices of pizza does the school have for the pizza party?


For every day during the last week of school, Ms. Bryant says her students can draw one picture each on the whiteboard. If she has 15 students, how many pictures will be on the board on the last day of school?


Ethan has 4 chores to do at home every day. He earns 3 dollars every day. How much money does he earn in 2 weeks?


Hiro plants tulips in his garden. If he plants 5 rows of yellow tulips and 6 rows of red tulips with 7 bulbs in each row, how many tulips will he plant in total?


Jaxon is buying pens at the craft stores in his neighborhood. If he buys 2 pens at each of the 4 craft stores in one day, how many pens will he buy in 3 days?


Jessica has 48 frog themed balloons. She has to set them in bunches of 6. How many balloons will be in each bunch?


The hardware store gets a shipment of screws every week. They have to make toolboxes with 9 screws in each. If the shipment comes with 81 screws, how many toolboxes can they make? 


Jessica is delivering newspapers on her bike. Her neighborhood has 56 houses. If she buys newspapers in bundles of 7, how many bundles does she need for the whole neighborhood?


Patrick makes 15 toy cars out of wood. He gives them away to his friends: Garrett, Maisie, and Lily. How many toy cars does each friend get?


Helene has $40 to spend at the store. She sees books for $8 each. How many books can she buy? 


Nala has 2 notebooks for school, with 50 pages in each. If she has 5 classes, how many pages does each class get for notes?


Oscar has 187 crayons for the kids at his preschool. If there are 17 kids at the preschool, how many crayons should each kid get? 


The neighborhood kids are making snowmen. Sadie has a bag of 30 black buttons for eyes. How many kids can she give buttons to for their snowmen?


114 kids are going to be third graders next year. If there are 19 kids in each class, how many third grade classes will there be next year?


Theo and Violet are eating cupcakes. Theo cuts his in 3 equal pieces and eats 2 of them. Violet cuts hers into 4 equal pieces, and eats 2 of them. Who eats more of their cupcake?


Vivian has 34 dolls, and she wants to give one-half of them away to her cousin. How many dolls is she giving away?


Milo and Marcia are eating packs of candy. Milo has 10 packs of candy, and he eats two-fifths of them. Marcia has 9 packs of candy, and she eats one-third of them. Who eats more candy?


Luke's class has math from 1:42 to 2:22. How long is math class?


The grocery store opens at 8:30 am. They had to close at 12:55 pm because of the state fair. How long was the grocery store open?


Ivy is going to the movies. The movie she wants to watch starts at 5:33 pm. If it takes 14 minutes to walk from her house to the movie theater, what time should she leave to make it on time?

Things to keep in mind about the third grade math word problems

Third grade math word problems
  • These 3rd grade word problems align with the common core standards. Students are exposed only to 3rd grade math problems as they try to solve these problems using simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.
  • As students try to solve these third grade math word problems, they will also develop their reading comprehension at the same time.
  • The topics that are covered mostly include multiplication word problems and division word problems since these are the skills they need to master at that grade level.
  • If students can solve at least 25 of these 30 third grade math word problems, you can conclude that the students have good critical thinking skills and are good at solving third grade math word problems.
  • These word problems will expose every third-grader to situations he or she already encounters in everyday life.
  • All word problems can be used in class as extra practice, homework, morning work, or incorporated in tests.
  • It is usually a bit challenging for young learners to tackle word problems. Be patient with them and give them time to process the information in the problems. 
  • All the problems are supposed to be simple word problems. If you think a problem is too tough for a kid in 3rd grade, let me know.

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