Whole numbers test

You can print your whole numbers test before you start taking the test. Then try to answer all the questions.

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Solve the following problems

1. In the number 84869, which digit is in the hundreds place ____________

2. In the number 9765, what is the value of the digit 7? ____________

3. Which number represents two million, four hundred thousand, fifty six? ____________

A. 2,400,005,6      B. 2,400,056      C. 2,456,000     D. 2,400,560     

4. Write the following number in numerals: four million, six hundred fifty thousand, two hundred fifty six _____________________

5. Write the following numerals with words: 4,650,256 _____________________

6. 448 rounded to the nearest ten is ___________

A. 440      B. 500     C. 450     D. 400     

7. Round 6285 to the nearest hundred ___________

A. 6000      B. 6300     C. 6200     D. 7000     

8. Add 864 + 35 + 144 + 9 ___________


Vertical addition
10. When subtracting 25 from 104, the answer is ___________

A. 79      B. 78     C. 77     D. 81     


Vertical subtraction
12. What is the product of 36 and 488? ___________


14. What is the product of 36 and 488? ___________

15. How many times 25 goes into 2275 (Hint: divide 2275 by 25)


Long division exercise
17. Mark sells ice cream for a living on Monday through Friday. This week, he sold ice cream for 245, 180, 200, 95, and 150 dollars. Mark spent 450 dollars to make those ice cream What is Mark's profit? ___________

18. A small train can hold 85 passengers. How many trains are needed to to carry 1700 passengers ___________

19. A car traveled 420 miles in 4 hours. Do you think the driver should have gotten a speed ticket? ___________

20. Which division gives the biggest remainder? A division of 56 by 9 or a division of 157 by 3? ___________

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  1. Properties of Congruence

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