Why math is important

Why math is important in life? We could answer this question by quoting something Galileo said in the 17th century, "the universe is written in the language of mathematics." Indeed, math is all around us, especially in this day and age. However, you may need some specific reasons why math is important and why you should bother learning it. Among many others, see 15 reasons below.

  • Without a solid knowledge of math, men would have never succeeded in taking a rocket all the way to the moon and back to the earth.
  • Ever wondered how insurance companies are able to pay billions and billions of dollars to insurers and still stay in business? Math is the genius behind all that and this is the job of actuaries.
  • Math can help you become a logical thinker and as a result you become smarter.
  • Strong Knowledge of math can help you become a good lawyer. This one may not be obvious, but lawyers make use of logical analysis often. Since math helps you to think logically, you may find it easier to solve cases related to crimes.
  • Math is the cornerstone of everything. In other words, you will need math for every single profession on this planet.
  • Math can help you measure ingredients in a recipe and make a delicious meal.
  • Math helps the nurse give you the proper dosage of medication and not kill you.
  • Without math, it would not be possible to put together a car, a computer, or a smart phone.
  • Without math, economists would not be able to analyze the economy of a country in order to see if it is solid or weak.
  • You can find many great jobs if you are good at math or have a math major. Many companies will hire you in a heart beat if they know you are good at math or have a math major.
  • Even if you would like to become an actor, you will need math.
  • Without a good knowledge of math, you will not know how to manage your money. You could inherit 10 millions dollars and lose it all after a few years because you did not know how to manage that money.
  • Without math, you could not build a house.
  • I am sure if one day humanity succeed in creating a space ship that could travel across the universe, it will be because of math.

Hopefully, the examples above were enough to convince you why math is important and why you need to stick to it and try to learn it even if at times some concepts can be difficult to understand.

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