Writing equations worksheet

Scroll down in order to see how you can print this writing equations worksheet. Then, practice writing equations when a sentence is given. 

Writing equations worksheet

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Translate the sentences below into equations

1.  Five more than a number is three.               


2. Six less than a number is negative two.    


The sum of a number and four is ten less than twelve.    


4. Twice a number is twenty.


5. A number divided by three is three.


6. The product of a number and ten is equal to ninety.    


7. A number subtracted from three is the same as twice the number.


8. Half a number gives fifty.


9. Two more than twice a number is six.


10. Four less than four times a number equals fourteen.


11. The quotient of a number and 6 is 36.


12. Three-fourths a number minus one is equal to sixteen.


13. N less than 8 is eighty-five.


14. Five multiplied by a number minus 6 is the same as the number plus twenty.


15. Six times the sum of a number and two is seven less than the number.


16. Five times the difference of a number and three is thirty.


17. The sum of three consecutive number yields 33.


18. Two-thirds a number plus ten is one-third the number minus 4.


19. When nine is subtracted from three times the opposite of a number and six, the answer is 30.


20. Four less than twice the sum of a number and 10 is two more than difference of the number and eight.


A couple of examples showing how to answer the questions on this writing equations worksheet.

Example #1:

20 subtracted from the product of a number and negative six is 10.

The product of a number and negative six can be written as x × -6 = -6x.

Then we need to subtract 20 from -6x. This can be written as -6x - 20.

Finally, we need to set -6x - 20 equal to 10.

The equation is -6x - 20 = 10

Example #2:

The sum of one-fourth a number and five is twelve.

One-fourth of a number can be written as (1/4)x or x/4.

Then, we need to add x/4 to five and this can be written as x/4 + 5

Finally, we need to set x/4 + 5 equal to 12.

The equation is x/4 + 5 = 12.

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