Important 6th grade math problems

Here is a list of 40 important 6th grade math problems that students must know how to solve in 6th grade. These 6th grade word problems were chosen to cover a wide variety of topics taught in 6th grade.


Alana goes to the bakery to buy cookies for her class. She can get two dozen for $6.12. How much is one cookie?  



Ian and Everly are swimming laps in the pool. If Ian swims 7 laps in 9 minutes and Everly swims 10 laps in 14 minutes, who swims at a faster rate? 


Amir needs 5 cups of carrots for 4 batches of carrot cupcakes. How much flour does he use per batch?


Sienna goes to the ice cream truck, and the man says she can buy 10 mango sorbet popsicles for $8.75. At her local grocery store, she buys one mango sorbet popsicle for $2.50. How much money per popsicle is she saving by buying them from the ice cream truck? 


Callan Middle School has 4 classes of sixth-graders, and 5 classes of seventh-graders. There are 96 sixth-graders and 105 seventh graders. Which grade has more students per class?


The amusement park offers a daily pass for $35 per person, or a yearly pass for $370 dollars. If the average person visits the park 9 days a year, which plan is more beneficial?


Zayne has earned $4 doing chores. He figures out that he has earned 20% of his weekly allowance. How much money does Zayne get as a weekly allowance?


Chase and Nyla are eating a bag of chocolate candies. The bag has 36 candies in it. If Chase eats 10% of the candies and Nyla eats 15% of the candies, how many candies are left? 


Ashton is on vacation in a country that uses the metric system. He sees a bag of rice that weighs 4.5 kilograms and wants to know how many pounds of rice he's getting. If 1 kilogram is 2.2 pounds, how many pounds of rice is Ashton getting? 


Marley's Department Store is having a sale, where everything is 60% off. Olivia buys a pair of pants for $15.73. How much were the pants before the discount?


To download a popular app, Rayne needs 48 megabytes of storage on her phone. After 15 seconds, her phone says the app is 22% downloaded. How much storage has the app taken so far?


Gracie is making butter cookies for a classroom party. She has 6 cups of butter, and each batch needs 2/3 of a cup of butter. How many batches of cookies can she make? 


John is selling snow cones to kids in his neighborhood. He has 14 cups of syrup, and each snow cone takes 3/7 of a cup of syrup. How many snow cones can he make? 


Dylan gets a new dog named Ryder. Ryder eats 4/5 of a cup of dog food every day. If Dylan buys a bag of food that has 54 cups in it, how long will that bag last? 


Cole gets a 1/3 pound box of raisins. If one oatmeal raisin cookie takes 1/51 of a pound of raisins, how many cookies will one box make? 


At Brad's Burgers, each burger has 2 slices of tomatoes. When they prep the tomatoes, they cut each of them into 9 slices. How many burgers can they make with 45 tomatoes? 


Serena is buying fruit at the farmer's market. She buys 5.82 pounds of grapes and 2.56 pounds of strawberries. How many pounds of fruit does she buy? 


Mason buys two movie tickets, one for $5.99 and one for $3.75. How much does he pay for the movie tickets?


Izzy is at the movies with her friends and wants to buy a box of popcorn. She checks her account and sees she only has $9.12 left. If she buys a small popcorn for $5.69, how much money will she have left in her account? 


Kieran bought 3 pounds of blueberries. He takes some to make a batch of muffins, then weighs the remaining fruit. If he has 1.64 pounds of blueberries left, how much of the blueberries did Kieran use for the muffins? 


Daphne's family is going to the zoo. Each ticket costs $8.99, and she's going with her parents, two siblings, and grandmother. How much money will her family pay to go to the zoo? 



Flowers are $10.43 per bouquet. How much will Marcus pay for 3 bouquets? 


Jenny is making pizza with her friends Madeline and Zara. Her mom buys 3.4 pounds of pepperoni for them. How much pepperoni does each person get for their pizza? 


Alex buys a block of cheese that weighs 15 pounds. If he splits it equally between 9 people, how much cheese does each person get? 


Emmett gets paid $45 dollars for mowing the lawn. Write an integer to represent Emmett's pay. 


Davy's weight dropped 3 pounds over the summer. Write an integer to represent the change in Davy's weight. 


Olivia has 3 jackets with stripes and b jackets with flowers. Write an expression that shows how many jackets Olivia has in total. 


Luca makes 15 toy cars at his workshop. Hailey makes t cars more than Luca. Write an expression that shows how many cars they make in total. 


Aurora makes 45 cookies, and her brother Harper eats g cookies out of the batch. Write an expression that shows how many cookies are left. 


Wyatt swims 22 laps, and Kai swims h fewer laps than Wyatt. Write an expression that shows how many laps Kai swims. 


Ellie's grandma gives her 2 handwritten books of recipes. Each book has f recipes in it. Write an expression that shows how many recipes Ellie receives in total. 


Mason is putting together candy bags for his class. He puts 30 pieces in each bag, and is able to make j bags. Write an expression that shows how much candy Mason uses for the gift bags in total. 


Sofia is getting her hair braided. The hairdresser splits her hair into w equal sections, and in total Sofia has 78 braids in her hair. Write an expression that shows how many braids are in each section. 


Daniel is typing an essay on his computer. If he can type x words per minute, and he just finished a 300-word paragraph, write an expression that shows how many minutes it took him to write that paragraph. 


It takes Josiah 32 minutes to wash all the dishes. He uses u minutes to wash the plates, and 13 minutes to wash the pots and pans. Write and solve an equation to find u. 


Naomi is putting together 8 bouquets. She has 192 flowers, and she puts x flowers in each bouquet. Write an solve an expression to find x. 


Zoey is making a rectangle shaped birdhouse and wants to paint it blue. The box is 1 foot deep, 2 feet wide, and 1 foot long. What is the surface area that Zoey will paint in square feet? 


Eliza makes paper boxes out of cardstock for her grandma. Each box is 6 centimeters wide, 4 centimeters long, and 3 centimeters deep. What is the surface area of one box?


Luke creates a 3D model of a square die for a science project. He wants it to have a surface area of at least 40 inches squared. If he makes the die with a side length of 4 inches, will he meet his goal? 


Riley's water bottle is a rectangular prism. It is 10 inches tall, 1 inch wide and 2 inches long. What is the surface area of the water bottle? 

Things to keep in mind about the 6th grade math problems

Sixth grade math word problems
  • These sixth grade word problems align with the common core standards. Students are exposed only to sixth grade math problems as they try to solve these problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, percents, fractions, decimals, basic knowledge in geometry, and algebra .
  • As students try to solve these sixth grade math word problems, they will continue to develop their reading comprehension at the same time.
  • The topics that are covered mostly include addition word problems and subtraction word problems since these are the skills they need to master at that grade level.
  • If students can solve at least 35 of these 40 sixth grade math word problems, you can conclude that the students have good critical thinking skills and are good at solving word problems.
  • These 6th grade math problems will expose students in sixth grade to many situations he or she already encounters in everyday life.
  • All word problems can be used in class as extra practice, homework, morning work, ,and incorporated in tests. As an alternative, you could put them one by one on the whiteboard and discuss the solution with the whole class.
  • It is usually a bit challenging to tackle word problems. Be patient with them and give them time to process the information in the problems. 
  • All the problems are supposed to be word problems appropriate for sixth grade. If you think a problem is too tough for a student in that grade, let me know.

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