Adding and subtracting integers game

This adding and subtracting integers game is based on the popular tv show called 'Who want to be a millionaire?'

Rules of the Mathionaire game

  • You have 5 minutes to answer all the questions
  • You have 1 minute to answer each question
  • You are not allowed to give a wrong answer. If you do, you will lose all money earned

      Moreover, I added the following twists to the game to make it more realistic

  • The wise man will give a good answer only about 66.66% of the time
  • The audience might give you a few bad advices although unlikely
  • For the last question, you cannot use the audience or the 50:50, or call a friend

          You are completely on your own for the last question.

 Enjoy the game and send me some feedbacks so I can improve it and make it better  for your enjoyment. 

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