Basic math glossary-H

Basic math glossary-H define words beginning with the letter H

h: h is an abbreviation for height.

Half-line: A half-line is a ray or part of a line with a starting point called endpoint and all the points of the line on one side of the endpoint.

Half-plane: A half-plane is the portion of a plane that lies on one side of a given line.

Harmonic mean: The harmonic mean of two numbers x and y is 2xy/(x + y).

Head: In probability, it is one of the possible outcomes when you toss a coin.

Hectare: A unit of area that is equal to 2.47 acres or 10000 square meters.

Height: The distance from bottom to top, also called altitude.

Hemisphere: A hemisphere is half a sphere.

Heptagon: A polygon that has seven sides.

Hexagon: A polygon with six angles and six sides.

Hexagonal Number: A number of the form n(2n - 1)

Hexagonal prism: A prism that has hexagonal faces.

Histogram: A histogram is a graphical way to display information or data using a bar graph.

Horizontal line: A line that has no slope.

Horizontal axis: One of the axis in the coordinate system that has a slope of zero.

Hundred: A number that is equal to 1 more than 99. 

Hundreds column: The third column is the column located 3 places to the left of the decimal point.

Hypotenuse: The longest side in a right triangle. The longest side is the one opposite to the right angle.

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