Basic math glossary-M

Basic math glossary-M define words beginning with the letter M

m: An abbreviation for meter.

m2: square meter.

m3: cubic meter.

Map distance:The distance or length between two points when measured on a map.

Mass: The quantity of matter in an object.

Mean: Also known as average, it is calculated by adding all numbers in a set divided by the total number of numbers in the set.

Median: The middle number when a set is put in order from least to greatest or from greatest to least. When there are two numbers in the middle, it is found by taking the average of the two number

Meter: A measure of length that is equal to the height of a doorknob.

Metric system: A measurement system based on powers of 10

mg: An abbreviation for milligram.

Midpoint: A point on a segment that divides the segment into two equal parts.

Milligram: A measure of mass that is equal to 1/10 of a grain of rice.


Milliliter: A measure of capacity that is equal to that of an eye dropper

Millimeter: A measure of length that is equal to the width of a grain of rice approximately.

Minus: Subtract

Mixed number: A number that is written as a fraction and a whole number.

Mode: In set of data, it is the item(s) that appear(s) more often

mL: An abbreviation for milliliter.

mm: An abbreviation for millimeter

mm2: square millimeter

mm3: cubic millimeter.

Multiple bar graph: A graph with more than one type of bar

Multiple:The product of a number by a whole number.

Multiplication:The process of adding a number by itself many times.

Multiplicative inverse:The multiplicative inverse of a number is the reciprocal of the number.

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