Basic math glossary-P

Basic math glossary-P define words beginning with the letter P

Parallel lines: Lines that never intersect or cross one another on a plane.

Parallelogram: A quadrilateral with two pairs of equal and parallel sides.

Partial product: In a multiplication problem with at least two digits, it is the answer obtained when we multiply a digit in the first number by every digit in the other number.

Pentagon : A polygon with 5 sides.

Percent: Part per one hundred.

Percentage: The answer obtained after a number is multiplied by a percent.

Perimeter: The distance around the outside of a closed figure

Perpendicular lines: Lines that form 4 right angles when they meet or intersect.

Pi: The ratio of the perimeter of a circle to the diameter.

Pictograph: A graph that make use of pictures to display information.

Pint:. A measure of liquid capacity that is equal to 16 fluid ounces

Place value: The value of the place of a digit in a number.

Plane: A flat surface that extends forever in all directions.

Point: A location in space represented by a dot.

Polygon: A closed geometric figure with at least 3 sides.

Positive integer: A whole number bigger than 0.

Power of ten: The product of multiplying ten by itself one or more times. For example, 105 is the product of multiplying 10 by itself 5 times.
Thus,105 = 10 × 10 × 10 × 10 × 10

Prefix: In the metric system, it is a set of letters placed before a unit to form new words.

Previous balance: In consumer math, it is the amount owed before a payment is made

Prime factorization: A number written as the product of its prime factors only.

Prime number: A number than can be divided evenly only by one and the number itself.

Principal: Amount borrowed or invested.

Product:. The answer to a multiplication problem

Proper fraction: A fraction with a smaller numerator than a denominator.

Proportion: two equal ratios.

Protractor: A geometric instrument used to measure or draw angles.

Pyramid: A solid figure that has triangular sides and a base that is a polygon

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