What is basic math?

Basic math? Simply put, you use basic mathematics almost every day of your life. You use it at home, on the job, or when you go to school. See what basic math looks like with our representation below.

At home, you may for instance have a budget to help manage your income and probably put some money aside. If your monthly income is 1000 dollars, 50% may go to your rent or mortgage;

20% may go to food, clothing,gas, and other utilities; 20% may be used for personal items, gifts, and entertainment; finally, the remaining will go to your saving account. 

basic math imageA representation of what basic math could be

What percentage is left for saving by the way?

The situation described above and the image you see on the right are perfect examples of basic skills in mathematics used at home.

Believe it or not, you may need many skills in math to keep a budget up to date. 

In the situation above, you need to know how to add, subtract, find a percent, and depending on how you approach the problem, and/or the context, you may need to know decimals and how to work with fractions.

Anyway, 50% of your income is half of your income. Since your income is 1000, 50% is 500 dollars. 20% of 1000 dollars is one fifth of your income. one fifth of 1000 is 200. 

Therefore, you use 500 dollars to pay rent or morgage. 200 dollars will go to food, clothing, gas, and other utilities.

200 will be used for personal items, gifts, and entertainment. 100 dollars will go to your saving account.

My website will attempt to give you a good understanding of the skills in mathematics you will need to do well with algebra. To this end, I will cover the following topics:

Whole Number

Ancient numeration system



Ratio and Proportion


Number Theory 

Basic Geometry

Customary measurement

Sequences and patterns


Scale Drawing

Circles, Cylinders, and time

Scale Drawing

Introduction to Algebra

and many others!

Many of the topics are covered on my website at the moment

Topics will be added at my earliest convenience

For now, you will find a good explanations of fractions, ratio and proportion, number theory, basic geometry, graphs, decimals, percents, and even algebra. 

Check the Blog section regularly for updates! 


Basic math

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