Becoming a meteorologist. Find out how you can get there

Introduction to the field:

Is becoming a meteorologist your dream job? Learn what it takes first before you get too exited about it.

A meteorologist is someone who study or forecast the weather. They work in radio and television stations, industrial enterprises, government agencies, educations, and small businesses.

There are many types. Some people work on TV. Their job is to present the weather on national television.

Some people are climatologists. They analyze record of past weather in order to predict how the weather will behave in the future.

Still others are weather forecasters. They analyze data and produce forecasts for the National Weather Service and those who will present the forecast on TV.

No matter what their jobs is, they all work as a team to help us understand what is going on way up there.

They do this by analyzing the current conditions. Then, they will organize the information into mathematical equations. A computer will then process those equations and solve those equations. The result is given to us as forecasts.

The challenge:

There is something special about people in this field. Their knowledge encompasses many fields.

They need to be good at mathematics, physics, chemistry, environmental science, computers, and others.

You should also be ready to work extra shifts, on weekends, during a holiday, and long hours when there is a need.

Among others, you should also know your math, especially differential equations. Weather and math go hand in hand. You are going to be dealing with graphs and charts, and lots of equations and numerical modeling.

How to become a meteorologist:

To get a job, you usually have to complete a bachelor of science in meteorology or atmospheric science.

However, you may be able to get your foot at the door if you are interested in a career in research and development and you graduated with a major in mathematics, especially if you graduated with honors.

Companies and hiring managers admire people with a math major. Therefore, if you have a math major and you were among the top students in your class, you might be able to write your own ticket and be on your way to becoming a meteorologist.

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