Counting worksheets 

Find here some great counting worksheets teachers can give to students in first grade or pre-school to practice counting objects.

There are five worksheets on this page.

I tried my best to put them in order of increasing difficulty.

For the first one, ask students to count the apples and then circle the correct answer.

As for the second worksheet, students will count the square and then match the answer with the corresponding number.

The third one, students not only count, but also will learn to do some comparison and pick the set with less items.

The fourth worksheet is a little challenging, but it will help students to learn the concepts of sets without even realizing that they are.

The last worksheet is a magic square.

Students try to make 10 horizontally and vertically.

Basically they have to do 6 addition problems.

It will teach them commutative property without even realizing it.

Tell students that they need to be patient when trying to figure out the magic square

They need to know that trial and error is ok in this case so they don't take it personal

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