Distributive property word problems

The goal of this lesson is to use the distributive property word problems below to find numerical expressions. 

Do not focus on getting answers. Instead, try to figure out a numerical expression where you can apply the distributive property.

Study the problem below carefully, then it is your turn to find the numerical expressions for the following distributive property word problems.

Distributive property word problem

Notice that we did not use the number 12 in the numerical expression since we are interested in the cost, not the number of pencils in each pack. 

Problem #1

Five people visited a local restaurant to get some lunch. A burger costs 6 dollars and a bottle of apple juice costs 2 dollars.  If all five people ordered a burger and a bottle of apple juice, write a numerical expression to show the amount of money the restaurant made for this order.

Problem #2

Each row in a classroom has 3 girls and 2 boys. There people 4 rows in that class. Write a numerical expression to show the number of students in that class.

Problem #3

Two men are trying to see how many computers they can build together in a month. One of the men was able to build 75 computers while the other was able to build 60. Write a numerical expression showing the number of computers both men were able to build together. 

More interesting distributive property word problems

Problem #4

A rectangle has a width of 4 cm and a length of 10 cm. The rectangle is folded, so that it creates a rectangle with a width of 4 cm and a length of 5 cm and another rectangle with a width of 4 cm and a length of 5 cm. Write a numerical expression to show the area of the rectangle.

Problem #5

To build a computer, you need to buy a motherboard for 120 dollars, a CPU for 100 dollars, RAM memory for 45 dollars, storage for 30 dollars, a case for 15 dollars, and a power supply for 50 dollars. What is the cost of building 10 computers?

Problem #6

Two rectangular gardens have the same width of 10 feet. However, the length of one is 20 feet while the other is 30 feet. Write a numerical expression to show what the area is for the two gardens combined.

If you absolutely have no idea how to find the numerical expressions for the word problems above, please review the lesson about distributive property.

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