Equivalent decimals

Equivalent decimals are decimals that name the same amount or decimals that have the same value.

For example, 0.4 and 0.40 are equivalent decimals. 0.4 is an equivalent decimal to 0.40 even though it does not look like it is. Take a look at the figure below.

Four tenths = 0.4 = forty hundredths = 0.40 since the amount that is shaded is the same for both squares. 

Notice that adding a zero to the right of 0.4 did not change the value of 0.4.

Equivalent decimals

How to write or find equivalent decimals

A quick way to find equivalent decimals is to write zeros in the places to the right of a decimal number.

For example,

0.4 = 0.40 = 0.400 = 0.4000 = 0.40000

0.35 = 0.350 = 0.3500 = 0.35000 = 0.350000

0.014 = 0.0140 = 0.01400 = 0.014000 = 0.0140000

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