Fractions books

There are many fractions books. However, only one is good enough to be called "Illustrated Fractions" and this is the only book you will ever need to master fractions once and for all.

Hi and thank you for visiting my website today. My name is Jetser Carasco.

I am also a math teacher and I have more than 8 years experience teaching mathematics in Massachusetts.

I have had licences in math and as a special educator

I no longer teach in the classroom. I now teach right here on my math site with my math lessons.

I attended the University of Massachusetts Boston where I graduated with a math major and the University of Antilles Guyane (Guadeloupe, France) where I also graduated with a double major in math and computer science.

For the past two years I have been working on one of the best fractions book out there, if not the best.

The book's strength is based on the following approach:

  • Logical development. You will know exactly where you are and where I want to

                to take you. No words are wasted!

  •  The book starts off with all the essentials of number theory concepts that are 

                crucial in understanding and solving fractions problems quickly.

  • The use of strong modeling with rectangles, circles, portions of circles, and 

               other graphs to make fractions intuitive, visual, spatial, and concrete.

  •   Top-notch, free resources such as fractions calculator and games at the end

                of each lesson to apply and pratice the lesson you just learned.

  •   Quick facts or shortcuts are given using number theory.

You can see a free sample from Google Books before you buy. Check this out below. Do not let its simple design fool you.

Even if you know fractions, you have never seen fractions as presented here in my book.

The end result after you have read my entire book is something you do not want to miss.

Free sample

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  1. Properties of Congruence

    Nov 09, 18 09:40 AM

    Learn the three properties of congruence. Examples to illustrate which property.

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