Important academic words in math

These important academic words in math appear often in textbooks and on tests. Although these words are not technically math vocabulary terms, they are important for students to know and understand in order to be successful in math.

Academic word



To give the reasoning for an answer. You may need to explain your reasoning after a "yes" or "no" or a " true" or "false". For most questions, "yes" or "no" is only part of the correct answer. 

Determine whether 

This is another form of a "yes" or "no" question. After you answer the math question, you must show the process that led to your answer or you you must support your answer with evidence or reasons


To write about a math related question so that the reader can comprehend it or visualize it


To give the meaning of a math word. TO tell what a variable such as x, y, etc... stands for in order to model word problem.


To prove or show clearly with the use of logic.

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