Least common multiple word problems

Eight interesting and fun least common multiple word problems you can give to your students to tease them. If your students can solve these problems, they can probably solve any word problems about the least common multiple.

Word problem #1

Today, both the soccer team and the basketball team had games. The soccer team plays every 3 days and the basketball team plays every 5 days. When will both teams have games on the same day again?

Word problem #2

A manager at a restaurant can buy hamburger buns in packages of 8 and hamburger patties in packages of 6. Suppose that the manager cannot buy part of a package. What is the least number of packages of each product he can buy to have an equal number of hamburger patties and buns? 

Word problem #3

A man smiles at his beautiful wife every 3 seconds while the wife smiles back at him every 6 seconds. When will both husband and wife smile at each other at the same time?

Word problem #4

Steve can save 9 dollars every day while Maria can save 12 dollars every day. What is the least number of days it will take each person to save the same amount of money?

More Interesting and fun least common multiple word problems

Word problem #5

Boxes that are 12 inches tall are being piled next to boxes that are 10 inches tall. What is the least height in feet at which the two piles will be the same height?

Word problem #6

A radio station plays "yesterday" by the Beatles once every 2 days. Another radio station plays the same song once every 3 days. How many times in 30 days will both radio stations play the same song on the same day?

Word problem #7

Two men running a marathon took a sip of water at the same time 72 minutes after they started the race. If the first man took a sip of water every 9 minutes, how often did the other man take a sip of water?

Word problem #8

A train to New York city leaves a station every 7 minutes. Another train to Boston leaves the station every 6 minutes. Suppose it is 6:30 am right now. At what time will both trains leave the station together?

A least common multiple word problem about barking dogs

Five dogs in a neighborhood were barking consistently last night. The names of the dogs are Lucy, Max, Murphy, Daisy, and Sam. The dogs started barking at 10 P.M.
Then, Lucy barked every 5 minutes, Max barked every 3 minutes, Murphy barked every 4 minutes, Daisy barked every 3 minutes, and Sam barked every minute. Why did Mr. Smith suddenly awaken at 11 P.M.?

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