Third grade math test

Print your third grade math test before you start working on the test. Try to answer all the questions.

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Solve the following problems

1. Which two numbers come next?

10055 , 10105 , 10155 , _____ , ____

2. John wants a carpenter to build him a custom bookcase. He wants each shelf to hold 10 books. How many shelves does he need if he has 123 books?

A. 12      B. 14     C. 13     D. 15     

3. Look at the base-10 blocks below and tell which number it represents. Take a close look before answering!

Base 10 blocks

A. 236      B. 228     C. 136     D. 128     

4. What number is the same as two hundred forty-five?

A. 245      B. 255      C. 542      D. 452     

5. Fill in the missing two numbers?

941, 952,____,974 , ____

6. Which number is greater than 865 but less than 941?

A. 789      B. 941      C. 899      D. 945     

7. Which numerical expression matches the picture?________________

Model of 4x3

A. 4 + 3      B. 12 - 4      C. 4 × 3      D. 2 × 3     

8. How many blocks of 10 can you make with 240?

A.40      B. 42      C. 24      D. 100     

9. Tell if the number on the left is less or greater than the number on the right. Replace the question mark ( ? ) with < or >

899       ?      901

1425       ?      1424

10. Which number is made up of 4 hundreds 8 tens and 4 ones?

A. 4084      B. 484      C. 448      D. 844     

11. Find 2 multiplication problems that are the same as 8 + 8.

12. Perform the following addition and subtraction.

54678 + 45624 = ?

98765 - 97653 = ?


What is the name of a geometric figure that looks like an orange? _____________

Which of the following shape could you probably use to describe the shape of your fingers?

A. Cube      B. Sphere      C. Cylinder      D. Cone     

Which of the following shape could you probably use to describe the shape of the doors in your house?

A. Cube      B. Sphere      C. Cylinder      D. Rectangular prism     

14. Find 2 multiplication problems that are the same as 36 + 36.

15. Write the following numbers in words.

4561 ___________________________________________

3974 ___________________________________________

16. Which two circles show two-sixths (2/6) and five-sixths (5/6) of the circles shaded?

Modeling fractions

Choice #1: A and B Choice #2: B and D Choice #3: A and D Choice #4: C and D

17. Make a rectangle. Break the rectangle into 8 equal pieces. Then, shade six-eighths of the rectangle.

18. You go to a store with 3.20 dollars in your pocket. The menu is:


Fruit salad.................$2.40

Pizza slice.................$1.80


Fruit juice.................$1.90

Side of chicken wings.......$2.50

Which two items can you buy with your 3.20 dollars?

A. Hamburger and Pizza slice B. Side of chicken wings and sprite C. Pizza slice and fruit juice D. Hamburger and sprite

If you buy just a fruit salad, what is your change?_______________

19. Which math problem means the same thing as (10 + 5) + 7? ______________

A. 14 + 7      B. 15 + 6      C. 15 × 7     D. 10 + ( 12 )     

20. Problem solving skills.

You have 552 dollars in your pocket. You want to buy 6 scientific calculators costing each 78 dollars.

How much will the 6 calculators cost?_________

After you pay for the calculators, how much money are you left with?_________

You want to share the leftover money evenly between you and two friends. How much money each person will get?____________

Important information about the third grade math test

No calculator. No exception! In fact, no calculator should be used at all to solve this third grade math test.

Note: A score of 16 or more on this third grade math test is a good indication that most skills taught in third grade were mastered.

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