Average word problems

These average word problems are based on the arithmetic mean usually called average or mean. To get the average, use the formula for average you see here. First, study the example below.

A word problem about finding the average

American Communications Network (ACN) of Troy, Michigan, also markets prepaid phone cards, which it refers to as “equity calling cards.” If ACN employs 214,302 persons in 32 locations, on the average, how many employees work at each location?


Divide 214302 by 32 to find on average the number of people working at each location.

214302/32 = 6696.9375

If rounded to the nearest one, on average, 6697 work at each of the 32 locations of American Communications Network (ACN)

More average word problems

Problem #1:

A student scores 85, 90, 80, 90, and 100 on 5 quizzes. What is the average score on these 5 quizzes?

Problem #2:

The number of hours Noemy worked this week for the past 5 days is 8, 6, 5, 9, 8.
What is Noemy's average hour?

Problem #3:

Mark works 3 jobs to make ends meet. His first job pays him 200/week, his second 300/week, and his third 100/week. What is Mark's average income/week per job?

More challenging average word problems

Problem #4:

The average age of a husband and a wife is 30. What is the wife's age is the husband's age is 40?

Problem #5:

The average of three numbers is 6. When one number is removed from the list, the average is 5. What is the number that was removed from the list?

Problem #6:

A math student scored 75, 70, 85, 90, 100 on the first five tests he took . After he took his sixth math test, the average is now 85. What did he score on the sixth test?

Problem #7:

The average time a man spent watching TV daily for the past week is 4 hours. If we remove one of these days, the average time he spent watching TV is now 3.5. How many hours of TV time did the man have on the day we removed?

Problem #8:

The average of four numbers is 6. When one number is added to the list, the average is again 6. What number what added to the list?

Problem #9:

The average daily sales generated by a store for the past 20 days is 1250. What is the total amount of sales generated by the store for the past twenty days?

Problem #10:

The average of two numbers is 5. One of the two numbers is four times as big as the other. What are these two numbers?

Problem #11:

The recorded temperatures in a country during a period of 4 days was 29 degrees Celsius, 28 degrees Celsius, 25 degrees Celsius, and 26 degrees Celsius. Another country recorded temperatures of  25 degrees Celsius, 30 degrees Celsius, 27 degrees Celsius, and 24 degrees Celsius. Which country had an average temperature that was colder?

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Average word problems

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