Basic math test

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Name _____________________                                        Date:_____________________

Solve the following problems

1. Write this number in words

157802 ______________________________________________

2. Round 36,993 to the nearest thousands____________________________

3. Round 6.724 to the nearest hundredth____________________________

4. 324 times 87______________________________

5. 81.32 times 0.3214

6. Divide 89 into 4356_________________________________

7. Find the greatest common factor of 24 and 76_______________________

8. Find the least common factor of 12 and and 36_______________________

9. Circle the numbers that are prime.

      2       5       8       13       17       18       21       93       117

10. Tell if the fraction on the left is less or greater than the fraction on the right. Use < or >

comparing fractions

11. Add the following fractions:

Adding fractions

12. Tell if the decimal on the left is less or greater than the decimal on the right. Use < or >

5.43123        5.43013

13. What is the perimeter and area of a rectangle with sides equal to 5 inches and 7 inches?

Perimeter = __________________ inches       area=____________________

14. 35% of 40 is ____________

15. What percent of 80 is 100? _____________________

16. Rename 2/5 as a percent_______________________

17. Describe in your own words what it means for 2 lines to be parallel. Show a drawing.

18. Solve for n: 6n + 12 = 6

19. What is the volume of the following figure?____________________

Rectangular prism

20. What is the elapsed time between 5:45 AM and 4:10 PM?

21. Measure the following angles with a protractor__________     __________


22. What is the perimeter and area of a circle with diameter equal to 5 cm?

Perimeter = __________________       area=____________________

23. 25 cm = __________mm        1250 g = ___________kg        25 mL = _______________L

24. Convert the difference of 25 min. 14 sec and 4 min. 30 sec in seconds__________________

25. A scale of 1:20 is used to make the drawing of a car. If the length of the drawing is 10 inches, what is the real length of the car?

Real length__________________

26. Write these numbers in scientific notation

2300000000__________________              0.00024___________________

27. 12 feet = ____________ yards            2 gallons = _____________ pints

28. -2 + -6 =________            -4 + 3 = _________            5 − - 2 = _________

29. -2 × 4 =__________           -6 ÷ - 2=____________

30. What is the absolute value of -3?

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