Decimals test

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Solve the following problems

1. In the number 4.143289, which digit is in the thousandths place? ____________

2. In the number 4.1546, what is the value of the digit 5? ____________

3. Which number represents one hundred and twenty five ten thousandths? ____________

A. 100.0025      B. 100.025      C. 100.00025     D. 100.02005     

4. Write the following number in numerals: six and fourty three hundredths _____________________

5. Write the following numerals with words: 36.017 _____________________

6. 0.025 rounded to the nearest tenths is ___________

A. 0.0031      B. 0.03     C. 0.031     D. 0.0030     

7. Round 2.458974374 to the nearest millionths ___________

A. 2.458975      B. 2.458980     C. 2.458974     D. 2.458974374     

8. Add 0.48 + 9 + 1.5 + 0.7 ___________


Vertical addition of decimals

10. After Subtracting 38.45 from 64.12 and rounding to the nearest tenths, the answer is ___________

A. 25.67      B. 27.7     C. 27.68     D. 27.60     


Vertical subtraction of decimals

12. What is the product of 21.014 and 101? ___________


Vertical multiplication of decimals

14. What is the product of 0.01 and 1000? ___________

15. How many times 0.02 goes into 16.2 ? (Hint: divide 16.2 by 0.02)


17. Joseph sells hot dogs for a living on Monday through Friday. This week, he sold for 340.25, 180.41, 210.789, 74.13, and 150 dollars. Mark spent 541.23 dollars to make those ice cream What is Mark's profit? ___________

18. Peter received 73.96 dollars for 8 hours of work. What is Peter's average pay? ___________

19. A large commercial air plane traveled 750 miles in 5 hours. Do you think the air plane was going fast enough? ___________

20. Which division gives the biggest quotient? A division of 0.02 by 10 or a division of 0.01 by 5? ___________

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Things to keep in mind about the decimals test

If a student can answer at least 18 questions correctly, then the student has most likely mastered most important topics in decimals.

On the other hand, if a student struggles to answer many of the questions, then it may be necessary to review the unit about understanding decimals.

To print this decimals test, you can just click here.

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