Surface area formula

Here, we provide you with a comprehensive list of surface area formula for some common three-dimensional figure.



Surface area = 6 × a2

Right circular cylinder:


Surface area = 2 × pi × r2   +  2 × pi × r × h

pi = 3.14
h is the height
r is the radius

Rectangular prism:


Surface area = 2 × l × w  +  2 × l × h  +  2 × w × h

l is the length
w is the width
h is the height



Surface area = 4 × pi × r2

pi = 3.14
r is the radius

Right circular cone:


Surface area = pi × r2  +  pi × r ×( √(h2 + r2))

pi = 3.14
r is the radius
h is the height
l is the slant height

Right square pyramid:


Surface area = s2 + 2 × s × l

s is the length of the base
h is the height
l is the slant height

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