Triangle vocabulary worksheet

Name : ________________________

Date : __________________________

Using the word box below, write down the correct word next to each definition.


Right triangle
Obtuse triangle


A triangle with no congruent sides is called ___________________

For a triangle, a side opposite to a right angle is called ___________________

A triangle in which all the angles have the same measure is called___________________

A triangle with an interior angle that is equal to 90° is called ___________________

In a triangle, the line that starts from the vertex and is perpendicular to the side opposite that vertex is called ___________________

Two congruent sides of an isosceles triangle are called___________________

A triangle where each of the interior angles measures less than 90° ___________________

The noncongruent side of an isosceles triangle is called ___________________

A triangle in which all sides have the same length ___________________

A triangle with 2 congruent sides is called ___________________

A triangle with an interior angle that measures more than 90° is called ___________________

A polygon with 3 sides is called ___________________

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