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ebook #1:

Become A Computer Expert In 7 Days Or Less


The essential components of PC and how each component work

Essential software you need on your PC

What to do if your computer is slow

Advanced techniques on troubleshooting your PC

And much more...

ebook #2:

Sudoko puzzle secrets


Learn the math behind sudoku.

Construction of the sudoku puzzle revealed.

Learn how to solve sudoku puzzles with little effort.

How to properly search for the lone number.

How to eliminate the extraneous.

Using cross hatching to your advantage.

The Latin square explained.

What exactly unique grids are and how to use them.

Japanese variants untold secrets.

Sudoku history fully explained.

And much more!

ebook #3:

Buying a car


Don't go to the dealer before reading this book

8 items you should always have with you when purchasing a car in order to get the best deal possible.

Find out who is really on the phone if someone calls in to compete with your offer.

Why it is important to pay deposits with your credit card, not with checks.

Recognize "Price Beating" and "I Won't Get Paid" scams and learn to stay away.

Why it is not wise to offer money for a car unless you know what it cost the dealer.

and much more!

ebook #4:

Internet security tips


Don't turn on your computer before reading these tips

The Truth About Identify Theft

Internet Security for Teens- What You Need to Do

Downloading E-Mail Attachments

5 Tips for Using Facebook

8 Tips to Protect Yourself When Dating Online

Internet Security for Teens and Tweens- 10 Tips to Keep You Protected

Parental Control Software

Online Safety for Your Children

Cyber Bullying- Another Aspect of Breaking Internet Security

5 Tips to Ensure Internet Security

Downloading Music off the Internet

Popular Online Scams

Protect Your Wireless Connection

How to Deal with Spyware

ebook #5:

Ice cream maker recipes


131 old-fashioned, homemade ice maker recipe

ebook #6:

Pizza recipes


Pizza dough, pizza sauce, and pizza recipes

ebook #7:

Wood working


Newbie's Guide to Woodworking.Create great wooden works of art yourself in very little time

ebook #8:

Vegeterian recipes


A collection of 125 tasty vegeterian recipes

ebook #9:

Clean your carpet like a pro


The knowledge to get professional results at a fraction of the cost of hiring a company.

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